Adult acne treatment

Oily and greasy skin generally causes unaesthetic and highly bothersome acne, whiteheads or blackheads or other skin imperfections, not to mention the constant aspect and unpleasant feeling of the shiny skin. ATACHE comes to your aid with an extraordinary solution: the Oily-Sk professional cosmetic line that specifically targets this skin condition and can also remove and prevent acne.

The Oily-Sk Home Care line from ATACHE includes professional cosmetic products that will both cleanse and purify the skin, and also regulate the sebaceous secretions and keep your skin perfectly moisturized. Starting with the Cleansing Gel and continuing with the application of the Balancing Cream I, which effectively acts upon swollen and red areas of the locked pores such as acne, your skin will get a matt tone and a luminous complexion.  The Purifying Mask, which should be applied three times a week, will provide you with a fresh sensation, balanced skin oiliness and remove unsightly shiny patches. The last step of the Oily SK professional line from ATACHE is represented by the Specific Solutions facial target gel with peeling actions, which will efficiently eliminate blemishes, leaving your skin tone pure and even.

Besides the abovementioned adult acne removal professional Oily-SK treatments, our ATACHE specialists also recommend the use of the Biological Triple-Antioxidant Night Protector Active Fluid + Serum from the C- Vital line which will enhance the oily-skin and acne control and leave your skin flawless, acne and blemish-free with a smooth and glowing appearance.

For even more dramatic results, the Home Care Oily-SK adult acne treatment, exclusively distributed in England by A1 Scientific Cosmetics, should be combined with professional the Renewal Therapy peeling treatment and the professional C-Vital Pack treatment that is to be applied once a week, for one month. 

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