Alternative to Botox

Lift Therapy Programme by ATACHE Scientific Cosmetic is an innovative solution for the ageing effects of the skin. The results are visible immediately after the first treatment. The professional Lift Therapy Programme from ATACHE performed by our specialists, combined with the Lift Therapy Home Treatment Pack will restore your skin’s smoothness, firmness and fight the effects of ageing, successfully replacing the effects of a Botox Treatment. As an alternative to Botox, Lift Therapy protects and reinforces your facial features, correcting your neck’s and chin’s flaccidity.

Lift Therapy Home Treatment Pack from ATACHE includes several products meant to give your facial features a young and healthy appearance. Intensive Lift Contour from ATACHE, which is and eye and lip outliner, uses a formula based on revolutionary ingredients, now enriched with the new Snap-8® ingredient which is an alternative to the Botulinum Toxin, removing fine lines and wrinkles.  Force Lift Day 20 SPF from ATACHE is a firming day facial emulsion which ensures protection against UVB and UVA radiation, redefining, firming and smoothing your skin during the day.

Performance Neck Solution is a professional formula from ATACHE designed to give firmness to the double chin and neck. Its action is focused on reconstructing your double chin and neck by activating the cellular metabolism. Sublime Lift Night by ATACHE which is a night serum provides clear facial outlines, smoother edges and defined facial features.

Our ATACHE specialists recommend combining the Home Care Lift Therapy Line with the Professional Lift Therapy Treatments for a dramatic skin lifting effect. The Lift Therapy Line can be used both as an alternative to Botox and as an additional therapy to the Botox treatment for even more visible and long lasting skin rejuvenation results. 

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