Anti-ageing C-Vital therapy treatment

C-Vital Program is a professional cosmetic line from ATACHE Scientific Cosmetic which incorporates cosmetic products designed to prevent premature ageing, reconstruct the skin’s antioxidant defense mechanism and boost cell renewal. All these actions will give your skin luminosity, firmness and vitality with a natural and relaxed aspect.

The professional C-Vital cosmetic line from ATACHE is a therapy and treatment project with the purpose of Revitalizing and Anti-oxidizing your skin. You can benefit from its effects using both the professional office and the home care treatments.

The professional C-Vital Home Treatment consists in cosmetic products, with a formula based on an efficient mix between Pure Stable Vitamin C and Vitamin E which prevent the harmful effects of free radicals responsible for the premature ageing of the skin. The Biological Triple-Antioxidant Night Protector consists of a serum and active fluid designed to be used during the night for diminishing wrinkles and fine lines. The Moisturizing Protecting and Antioxidant cream is modeled especially for normal and dry skin, perfect to be applied as a make-up foundation.  The Moisturizing Protecting and Antioxidant is a gel designed for oily and mixed skin, giving a matt appearance and a light texture sensation of the skin. For the beauty of the eyes, ATACHE created the Eye Contour, which is a multivitamin gel-cream architected to give a radiant and fresh look, clearing away any signs of fatigue. Tensor Flash is a special firming formula which instantly removes fine lines of facial expression, wrinkles and signs of fatigue.

For a professional therapy and treatment session, ATACHE Scientific Cosmetic designed 5 program products: Serum, Vitamin Complex, Facial Mask, Antioxidant Mask and the Active Fluid. The C-Vital program by ATACHE ensures your access to the immediate effects of skin rejuvenation and skin firming with the main action of preventing premature ageing.


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