Anti-ageing skin care from ATACHE Scientific Cosmetic Hannibal Laguna High Lift

ATACHE Scientific Cosmetic provides you with various products for an efficient and immediate anti-ageing therapy treatment. Home treatments and professional therapy sessions with products from C-Vital, Lift Therapy and Vital Age Retinol ensure a flawless skin and prevent negative ageing effects.

In order to remove the unaesthetic facial, neck and décolletage effects of ageing, the use of specially designed products from ATACHE during the night is recommended. By night, skin regenerates faster so it’s preferred to alternatively use products like: Biological Triple-Antioxidant Night Protector, Sublime Lift Night, Wrinkle Attack Pearls and Wrinkle Attack Night Cream from ATACHE Scientific Cosmetic. The combination of these cosmetic professional products from ATACHE, enhances the skin’s rejuvenation with immediate and spectacular effects from wrinkle removal to facial, neck and décolletage skin smoothening and firming.

During the day, it’s recommended to alternatively use three professional cosmetic products from ATACHE: Wrinkle Attack Day cream, Eye Wrinkle Attack serum and the final touch of Hannibal Laguna essence.

Hannibal Laguna is a revolutionary cosmetic creation resulted from the collaboration of Hannibal Laguna Company and ATACHE Laboratories. Ultra Lift Hannibal Laguna is a superior formula meant for smoothening, anti-oxidizing and moisturizing your skin and facial features. It has a long-lasting effect, due to a high concentration of Siberian Ginseng which clears your face of any sign of fatigue or stress, resulting into a radiant and healthy appearance. It’s best to apply it after the Wrinkle Attack Day cream and before make-up, since it moisturizes and refreshes the skin with no oily effect. Hannibal Laguna High Lift can be used right before an important event for a spectacular impression, or as a one-week treatment before special occasions. 

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