Blackheads prevention treatment

Blackheads, or open comedones are caused by excess sebum combined with a dead-cell and skin debris build-up, which leads to the oxidation of melanin in a hair follicle opening, and thus get that dark, black color. It is said that blackheads are the first stage of acne, that’s why the ATACHE specialists recommend a highly effective blackhead prevention treatment with the help of our professional Oily SK and C Vital cosmetic lines.

Excess sebaceous secretions are generally met in oily and acne-prone skin types, and the Oily SK line specifically targets this condition, having active ingredients with comedolytic and anti-inflammatory actions, as well as moisturizing effects, such as the Salicylic acid and Zinc, which prevent and minimize blackheads and acne outbreaks.

The Cleansing Gel, Balancing Cream II and the Purifying Mask are all professional day products that cleanse, purify and regulate the oily skin’s excess sebaceous secretions that give you that shiny facial complexion and cause blackheads and other skin imperfections. The mattifying and oil regulating properties of the Oily SK line professional day products, combined with the amazing effects ensured by the Biological Triple –Antioxidant Night Protector Serum + Active Fluid will not only prevent blackheads and acne, but will also restore a fresh sensation, reduce the pores’ size, eliminate the shiny patches or blemishes, but will also reduce the wrinkles, tighten the skin and ensure an even and imperfection-free complexion.

For even more dramatic results in blackhead prevention and oily skin control, our ATACHE specialists also recommend the professional versions of the Oily SK treatments, combined with the Renewal Therapy, which should be undergone once a month, the deep cleaning and blackheads extraction procedures being extremely important. 

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