Cellulite removal treatment

Cellulite is a common problem with which women are dealing nowadays, but the ATACHE Scientific Cosmetic provides you with a highly effective solution, namely the Cellu-Attack programme.

The Cellu-Attack professional Home Care cosmetic product is an anti-cellulite serum with an exceptional anti-cellulite massager. The serum is now improved after a new-generation formula which makes it lighter and more penetrating. By using the Cellu-Attack professional cosmetic product, you will burn fat faster, eliminate the liquids under the skin and you will be able to reshape your body by reducing its volume, improve your skin’s elasticity and make it softer, with a smoother texture, resulting in a firm and toned body.

In order to recover your skin’s elasticity, firm and tone your body, you will have to apply the ATACHE Cellu-Attack serum twice a day with a soft, circular, upward motion massage, but only after your skin is perfectly cleansed, exfoliated and  hydrated and to do so , you can use other  products from the ATACHE Cellu-Attack program.

Just like the ATACHE home treatments, the ATACHE professional body care sessions can also help you reduce fat, stimulate your lymphatic drainage and facilitate the liquid removal, leaving your skin smoother, softer and firmer, but our specialists recommend it to be applied at one of our offices and consists in at least ten body wrapping sessions, on a weekly basis.

If you are not interested in our ATACHE professional care, but you do want to purchase the Cellu-Attack serum and rapidly get rid of the unaesthetic cellulite on your body, you can contact the A1 Scientific Cosmetics, which is our exclusive distributor for ATACHE professional cosmetic products in England.

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