Oily and Acne treatments-How to clear Oily Skin

ATACHE Scientific Cosmetic offers you a complete and efficient range of products, specifically designed for solving acne-related skin problems and any oil and facial skin disorders.

For an acne and oil free skin, ATACHE Laboratories developed different formulas adapted to different skin requirements. Some products are especially designed to be used during the day: the Cleansing Gel is a regulating facial gel perfect for daily use in order to clean, purify and remove excess oil from your skin. The Balancing Cream is an ATACHE facial balancing fluid based on a special selection of ingredients which balances your oil levels and purifies the acne-prone skin. The final touch during the day is the Purifying Mask by ATACHE, which should be used three times a day. Its action penetrates deep into the skin’s tissue, cleansing oily and acne-prone skin. It also ensures a freshness effect for the skin.

By night, when the skin is regenerating, the use of a is recommended due to the properties of its active ingredients, Pure Stable Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Lipoic acid which also have anti-ageing effects.

For a full and complete oily skin treatment and a long-lasting effect, ATACHE Scientific Cosmetic recommends once-a-month treatments following the Oily Skin professional cosmetic line and Renewal Therapy peelings. Also, deep cleansing and blackheads extraction is an extremely important procedure for a “porcelain face” effect of the facial skin. 

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