Plumping the skin

If you wish to plump your skin, ATACHE suggests the use of some professional cosmetic products in order to avoid having to endure Botox injections, but still obtain excellent cosmetic results. If you desire a product that acts over-night, the best solution you can opt for is the C-Vital Biological Triple-Antioxidant Night Protector Active Fluid and Serum. It is the perfect antioxidising system composed of Stable Pure Vitamin C Serum and Lipoic Acid, which together with the Vitamin E in the Active Fluid, neutralises the negative effects caused by free radicals leading to signs of premature aging on the face, neck and décolletage skin.

As for what day treatments are concerned, you can opt for the Lift Therapy product line from ATACHE. Force Lift Day SPF 20 which is a facial emulsion with a powerful and long-lasting facelift effect, you can apply it every morning to provide the necessary sunlight protection, while it restores your skin density, making it firmer and smoother. The Performance Neck Solution fights off the loss of volume and firmness by applying it in the morning and at night on the face and neck. The Intensive Lift Contour which is used as a complementary step in ATACHE’s Lift Therapy treatments contains an exceptional combination of ingredients that, if applied both day and night in small amounts, provides the same cosmetic results as Botox.

The professional products from ATACHE can be used once a week, over a period of 4 weeks. The first week you will be given products from the C-Vital line, followed by the Vital Age Retinol and the last two weeks consist in using the Lift Therapy line, for exquisite skin rejuvenation and lifting effects.

These professional products from ATACHE are distributed exclusively in England by A1 Scientific Cosmetics which strive to ensure that you receive quality products and treatments.

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