Red veins on your cheeks

If you are dealing with red veins on your cheeks, the best solution for you is to apply the day products in the Soft Derm professional cosmetic line from ATACHE and the Biological Triple-Antioxidant Night Protector Active Fluid + Serum that you can purchase from the A1 Scientific Cosmetics which is the exclusive distributor of ATACHE products in England.

The Home Care products from the Soft Derm professional cosmetic line are treatments designed especially for the sensitive skin which have protective, reconstructive and decongestive actions on your complexion. They gently clean and relieve your skin, leaving it with a soft texture and a sensation of freshness and wellness. The red veins from your cheeks will start to fade away due to the professional products’ reconstructing and decongestive actions.

By night, the ATACHE Biological Triple-Antioxidant Night Protector Active Fluid + Serum is a perfect anti-oxidizing serum with Stable Pure Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lipoic acid and active ingredients which will transform and  rejuvenate your face by giving it a more even tone.

If you cannot purchase or choose not to purchase the products, but you still want to benefit from their effects and have the red veins on your cheeks removed, our ATACHE professional care treatment can also be performed at our office and in 4 weekly sessions with the C-Vital professional cosmetic line you will see great results due to the fact that the Vitamin C serum restores the skin’s collagen and makes it look younger and wrinkle-free.

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