Lift Therapy
Revolutionary, last generation eye and lip outliner, the Intensive Lift Contour solution is a complementary step in ATACHE’s lift therapy home treatment. Based on the new ingredients Snap-8, an alternative to Botox and a peptide that resembles Waglerin-1 (a protein present in the venom of the Temple viper) regarding its “paralyzing” effects and combined with Gatuline In-Tense, the Intensive Lift Contour serum will take care of your skin resurfacing and wrinkle removal. The eye and lip outliner should be applied both day and night in small amounts around the eye and lip areas, after having previously removed the makeup. This skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatment will restore your skin’s density, leaving it firm, soft and smooth. Moreover, in order to achieve optimal facial contours and complete facial rejuvenation results is recommended the use of Intensive Lift Contour together with the Force Lift Day and Sublime Lift Night products.

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